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Short Term

Humana Short Term Medical PlansApply for Insurance with Humana

If you're without health insurance temporarily - for instance, if you're waiting for group coverage or Medicare coverage to begin - consider a HumanaOne Short Term Medical plan. If you're eligible, you can receive coverage as quickly as the day after applying.

Short Term Medical health insurance offers a timely, affordable alternative for people in transition, including situations such as the following:

  • Students who are about to graduate
  • People who are between jobs
  • Part-time, temporary or seasonal employees
  • Recent retirees waiting for Medicare
  • New employees waiting for benefits
  • People who are unemployed

Golden Rule Insurance Company

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Golden Rule's Short-Term MedicalSM is an affordable health insurance plan designed for individuals and families in times of transition and change.

Short-Term Medical helps “fill in the gaps” in health insurance coverage whether you:

  • lost coverage through a recent job or life change.
  • are a recent graduate no longer covered by your parent’s plan.
  • are a seasonal worker.
  • are enjoying early retirement and waiting for Medicare.

Review our online brochure to learn more about our Short Term Medical plan.

Assurant Health Insurance Short-term plans

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Short-Term Medical Insurance Products

Assurant Health is the brand name used for products underwritten and issued by Time Insurance Company.

What is Short-Term Medical Insurance?

Short Term Medical Insurance is temporary medical insurance designed for people who are between permanent health plans. Coverage can be purchased for as few as 30 days or as many as 365 days; the length of coverage varies by state.

Short-Term Medical Insurance is perfect if you:

  • are between Jobs.
  • are waiting for Employer Group Coverage.
  • are a Recent College or High School Graduate.
  • are a Temporary or Seasonal Employee.
  • are a Dependent No Longer Covered Under Your Parents' Plan.
  • are on Strike, have been Laid-Off or have been Terminated.

In business since 1892, Assurant Health the brand name used for products underwritten and issued by Time Insurance Company, is the #1 seller of temporary health insurance in the U.S.

A.M. Best rates Time Insurance Company A- (excellent) based on financial strength and ongoing ability to meet policyholder obligations. “A.M. Best Rating and Analysis, June 2005” Find more information about short-term medical insurance product and services, including affordable health insurance plans and buying health insurance.


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